Sony Prepare Eleven Android Smartphone in 2012

Sony Prepare Eleven Android Smartphone in 2012Split with Ericsson, Sony now faces tough competition waltz itself in the smartphone market. They apparently had prepared ammunition Android smart phones which is pretty much along this 2012.

Japanese vendor has introduced its first smartphone after separation with Ericsson, the Sony Xperia S. In documents leaked to the internet, Sony was also set up 11 newsmartphones based on Android.

As quoted from the Geek on Thursday (1/19/2012), 11 new smartphones are prepared to slide in 8 months. Price range is also revealed, namely between 146 euros (about USD 1.8 million) to 562 euros (about USD 7.3 million).

In the document, Sony will launch three pieces smartphones in April 2012. Namelykumquats ST251, LT221 and MT271 Nypon Pepper. The most expensive is the price range Nypon 370 euros (about USD 4.8 million).

Another handset that has been prepared called Tapioca, Tapioca DS, Hayabusa, Atlas,Mint, AFFM, Lotus and Olive. Smartphone highest banderolnya is Mint, in the range of 562euros (about USD 7.3 million).

In addition to these 11 Android handset, Sony reportedly will also launch a smartphonewith Windows Phone. Prototype Windows Phone has been leaked on the internet and is expected to appear officially at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona in February.
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Because the iPhone 4S, Apple followed Android

Because the iPhone 4S, Apple followed AndroidAndroid is still the most popular operating system in the United States. But thanks to the presence of 4S iPhone, Apple's IOS operating system is now successfully shorten the distance.
Recent research from Nielsen stated 44.5% of new smartphone buyers within threemonths to choose to buy an iPhone. As many as 57% of them buy the iPhone 4S, Apple's latest handset.

This amount represents an increase of nearly 20%. Because according to Nielsen data,the new smartphone buyers who choose the iPhone in October "only" reached 25%.

Android is still in charge, was chosen by 46.9% of new smartphone buyers. But that number is down dramatically. For the month of October, the percentage reached 61.6%.

Attenuate the distance successes with Android Apple no doubt is due to the presence ofthe iPhone 4S. In a three-day marketing course, a handset that rely on voice commandfeature Siiri it sold 3 million units.
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Being this the Samsung Galaxy S III?

Being this the Samsung Galaxy S III? - Samsung Galaxy S III is probably one of the most anticipated smartphone presence.Reportedly, Samsung inadvertently leaked as to what form the Android handset.

In the video presentation at the exhibition gadgets Samsung Consumer Electronic Show(CES), which has just ended, emerged briefly a handset that looks strange. This handsetis touted as the Galaxy S III.

His own being based Galaxy S II but it looks more tipis.Yang prominent part of the screenis very wide so that the edges of the handset is almost invisible. Similar to the rumors ofthe iPhone 5.

Some skeptics picture really Galaxy S III. There was a judge as a result of the Photoshopengineering Galaxy Note. But not a few who believe this handset is the Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S III predicted first exhibited at the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 inBarcelona next month. For previous introductions Galaxy S series is always done in suchevent.

Samsung's flagship handset is said to use a quad core processor and 12 megapixelcameras.
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LG Showcase LTE Tablets

LG Showcase LTE Tablets - LG Electronics introduced its first tablet that has been equipped with the ability of 4G LongTerm Evolution (LTE). Optimus Pad LTE, thus the name of the tablet, was first launched inSouth Korea.
"Given the tablets produced five times more traffic than your average smartphone, not asurprise that assumes tablet users want and need a faster connectivity," said Dr.Jong-seok Park as President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company.

He mentioned, as reported by Cellular News, Thursday (19/01/2012), the combination ofLTE technology LG with the tablet computer is a boon for consumers who use it as their primary device while on the go.

In addition to LTE technology, the LG also equip these tablets with True HD IPS displayand 8-megapixel camera. LG also claims Optimus Pad LTE is the first tablet that supportsSD memory cards that can add up to 32GB capacity.

Optimus Pad LTE weighs 479 grams, with a thickness of 9.34 millimeters. In the brainembedded 1.5 GHz dual core processor and operating system using Honeycomb. Both price and specification details, LG has not bring it
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