Because the iPhone 4S, Apple followed Android

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Because the iPhone 4S, Apple followed AndroidAndroid is still the most popular operating system in the United States. But thanks to the presence of 4S iPhone, Apple's IOS operating system is now successfully shorten the distance.
Recent research from Nielsen stated 44.5% of new smartphone buyers within threemonths to choose to buy an iPhone. As many as 57% of them buy the iPhone 4S, Apple's latest handset.

This amount represents an increase of nearly 20%. Because according to Nielsen data,the new smartphone buyers who choose the iPhone in October "only" reached 25%.

Android is still in charge, was chosen by 46.9% of new smartphone buyers. But that number is down dramatically. For the month of October, the percentage reached 61.6%.

Attenuate the distance successes with Android Apple no doubt is due to the presence ofthe iPhone 4S. In a three-day marketing course, a handset that rely on voice commandfeature Siiri it sold 3 million units.

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sell my computer said...

Interesting news about both iPhone and Android.

Helicopteros Radiocontrol said...

Yeah, The iPhone 4S get plenty of attention since it came. Otherwise Android mobile OS rules the mobile world. Samsung is the leading brand which use Android OS so effectively in their smartphones.

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