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BlackBerry Dakota White, Present Early November - BlackBerry Bold 9900 BlackBerry also called Dakota which was released about a month ago and the design is quite elegant black color, with black, actually many BlackBerry lovers have felt very happy. This time we get a video created by the Vodafone UK, the video tutorial below looks the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available in white as well.

This is very good at all, since many are also people who like their gadgets in her mainly white women. According to information leaked BlackBerry Bold 9900 white color will soon be present in early November.
Want to follow the success of its predecessor, Dakota or blackberry Blackberry 9900, will now also attended Dakota BlackBerry 9900 White's whereabouts have not been unveiled by RIM. And it seems there is no significant change in terms of specification in addition tothe striking color changes.

Dakota White BlackBerry 9900 is in fact still using 2.8 inch wide screen is equipped with a1.2 GHz processor, 768 MB RAM, and 8GB of internal storage.

The camera feature is supported by the ability and the ability to record 5 megapixel-class720p HD video using the operating system BlackBerry OS 7.

Arrive with a thickness of only 10.5 mm, dakota make blackberry 9900 can be insertedinto a pocket, indeed for this unit is to include a thin blackberry manufactured by RIM.Looks like with the BlackBerry 9900 White Dakota will be many people who wanted tohave it of course, especially women.

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