Toshiba's Portege G910 / G920 - Review - Price - Full phone specifications

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Toshiba's Portege G910 / G920 Review - Probably because it's not that big of a player in the domestic cellphone space, Toshiba may not be familiar with all the ins and outs of FCC confidentiality agreements, as evidenced by its testing subcontractor leaving tons of juicy photos of the unannounced Portege G910 / G920 smartphones in those devices' recently-declassified applications. Tosh's blunder clues us in to a whole world of info about this followup to the WVGA, Windows Mobile 6 Portege G900, such as the fact that it's eschewing its predecessor's sliding form factor for the clamshell-design of the Nokia E90 (perhaps an answer to the tilting screen of HTC's TyTN II?)

Toshiba have finally presented all the details about the Toshiba Portege G910/G920 high-end PocketPC along with the Toshiba Portege G710 - a compact Windows Mobile smartphone. Both devices look interesting enough to challenge the HTC product lineup and we are yet to see how good they are with some hands-on experience - hopefully at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 2008.

The Toshiba Portege G910/G920 PocketPC has a clamshell form factor in an obvious attempt by Toshiba to make it look more of a mini-laptop. The Toshiba G910/G920 is armed with 3G and HSDPA, Wi-Fi and an integrated GPS receiver. Since both devices are based on a Qualcomm MSM7200 platform which is becoming increasingly popular in the HTC product portfolio too, the Toshiba G910 integrated Qualcomm GPS receiver benefits from the Qualcomm's gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology, which is said to provide a faster 'first fix' with greater GPS sensitivity indoors and in dense urban environments. The Toshiba G920 is an identical device, but it comes with A-GPS support and will be available for network carriers that support it.

The Toshiba Portege G910/G920 3" touchscreen TFT display has a wonderful WVGA resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and the device runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro. Unfortunately the initially suggested 3 megapixel camera was dropped in favor of a 2 megapixel one. That would make it somewhat hard to battle the HTC TyTN II, which has a 3 megapixel module on board. There is also no USB-host feature - a little something that made the original Toshiba G900 PocketPC an attractive feature combo.

The Toshiba Portege G910/G920 is also equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner for security, and it also has Bluetooth support and VoIP capabilities. The processor under the hood of the G910 is yet unknown, but it's rumored to be a 528 MHz one, there is also 128MB of RAM available on board.

The Toshiba Portege G910 will become available across Europe in Q1 2008 at an approximate price of EUR 600.

Toshiba has also presented the Toshiba Portege G710 - a sleek Windows Mobile smartphone, that comes with an integrated GPS receiver. The Toshiba G710 has a messenger form factor with a full hardware QWERTY keyboard and we call it compact because it's only a tad larger than Samsung i600. Toshiba G710 has a large 2.4" TFT display with QVGA resolution. Trackball menu navigation, a 2 megapixel snapper, microSD memory card slot (up to 2GB), and stereo Bluetooth are also available.

Toshiba Portege G910/G920 Toshiba Portege G910/G920 Toshiba Portege G910/G920   

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