5 Best Free iPhone Games

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5 Best Free iPhone Games The mobile phone the iPhone is a smartphone operating system alias for the productioncompany's board of AppleIncIPhone is a revolution of paradigms previously controlledphones Nokiathe phone brings new nuances that are practical, as well as functions that are completeIPHONE history could not be separated from the figure of the late Steve Jobs who brought Apple and the iPhone smartphone market as the current ruler.

AppleInc.(formerly Apple ComputerInc..) is a computer technology company located inSilicon ValleyCupertinoCalifornia. Apple is the pioneer of the PC desktop revolution inthe early 1970sApple released some software that can compete in the market such asFinal Cut Pro video editor, sound editor Logic Pro and iTunes music player that also functions as an online song store that provides a variety of the latest western songsApple is famous for its hardware, such as the iMac, Macbook, the iPod music player and iPhonemobile phone.

iphone roumor - iphone 5 release date

Generation IPHONE:

  • The first generation iPhone, go on sale on June 29, 2007 in the U.S..
  • iPhone 3G (because it is accompanied by features 3G) was launched in various countrieson July 11, 2008.
  • iPhone 3G, launched on June 17, 2009.
  • iPhone 4, launched in late October 2010. At the beginning of the launch, the iPhone 4 is rumored to have many problems, especially in terms of the antenna. But even so, iphone 4entered the ranks of the Best Gaming Smartphone 2011.
  • 4S iPhone was released in late October 2011. Features that brought the iPhone 4Sinclude voice features (Siri), iMessage and Smart Reminder. But apparently the iPhone4S has some bugs in the battery runs out or drop easy.
  • iPhone 5. According to news circulating, IPHONE 5 will be released in 2012, the suspectwill carry a more attractive design, a feature that is more sophisticated, user friendly, andsimple. We wait for gossip and the latest info about the iPhone this 5 or info about the iPhone 5 Release Date.

Free iPhone Games Best 2011
Angry Bird Rio Free
Angry Birds Rio is the successor of the games most popular variety of platforms: AngryBird. The latest series made ​​by Rovio game has 60 stages is very challenging. Dah game is really addictive. Compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

download free iphone games - download angry bird rio free 

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free +
HD graphics quality games for free from Gameloft. Almost the same as aspalt 6, this game tells the story of speeding. In these games there Dapa modify your car as you wish.This game could do the race in multiplayer via Wi-Fi. Compatible for iPhone, iPod Touchand the iPad.

download free iphone games - download GT Racing Motor Academy free 

Angry Chickens Lite
Gameplay of the game Angry Chickens Lite for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad is verysimilar to the Angry bird, only difference is, in this game you are a: Chicken. The game is perfect for your leisure time which does not require much strategy and relying on luck.

download free iphone games - download angry chickens free 

Card game that has been so popular on many platforms, do not diceritan again how much fun playing this game for wasting time and refreshing moment. You can play solitaire with other players in real time, this game has the ability to handle multiple players at the same time. The game supports portrait and landscape modes. Can be played on iPhone, iPodTouch and the iPad.

download free iphone games - download solitaire free 

Ninjump is a very addictive game where you as a ninja who was jumping on a highbuilding. You must avoid obstacles like other ninja, bird killers and so forth. Fun played onthe iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.
download free iphone games - download ninja jump free

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Coches rc gasolina said...

There are so many Iphone games, but few games are totally free. I am having iphone 3 and i was used to playing angry bird game on my iphone3 which is my favorite game.

unlock iphone 4 said...

I am junkies for playing iPhone games. I purchased tons of games and installed in my iPhone4S from the apple store.I love car games and GT Racing is one of my favorite game. I ever play this game on my iPhone4S and spend some time behind playing this game. Can you share some latest version of GT racing?

Vee Eee Technologies said...

The iPhone looks beautiful and iOS is beautiful...if you like the fixed aesthetic from the vision of Apple. Personally, I love it on an iPad and am indifferent on the iPhone,Claw Digital Reviewthe development of iPhone initiated, also came to the view an industry known as iPhone application development. And, for this reason, these who ended up fond of software development were actually at gain.

sell laptop said...

This is the first time that I have heard of Angry chickens

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