BlackBerry Messenger For Android

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 BlackBerry Messenger For Android Good news for those of you who have a gadget and Android based Smartphone operatingsystem. Mentioned that in 2012 Research In Motion (RIM) will support the AndroidplatformAmong them is the ability to use the Blackberry Messenger application on the HPAndroid.

Several screenshots have been circulating today about a sighting of Fuel For Android.Although according to TechCrunch outstanding applications is the Blackberry MessengerFor Android Beta version(Beta version but it is clear that application of thisfuel has been able to run well on Android smartphonesMeanwhile Techradar says thatRIM will soon launch the official version of Android 1.0 aka Fuel For at the end of 2011.

This step was taken by Blackberryafter seeing that the development of gadgets and the Android operating system is one of the good land to spread kedasyatan fuel.

So for users of Androidno longer will be the same fuel-Blackberry users without the need to have HP BBImportantlyjust wait until the end of 2011 or possibly early 2012 in order todownload - Download Fuel For Android apk.

After launching the application for Android, RIM also plans to soon launch a fuel For IOS (Apple's gadgets and smartphonessuch as iPadiPod and iPhone)

Intrigued want screenshots clay Fuel For Android applicationHere it is:


As released by Mashable and Teknoup, was fuel for Android is very probably would not exist officiallybecause at the BlackBerry DevCon 2011 in San Francisconoted that thefuel was only demonstrated the Blackberry platformSo-called fuel for Android is AndroidRuntime applications for BlackBerryAt the event, two executives of Research In Motion,Alec Saunders and Chris Smith denied rumors to the presence BlackBerry Messenger inother platforms.

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