Canon Ixus 1100 HS: Slim Body, Tough Performance

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Bodi is simple. Not many buttons are pinned, because it is entrusted with the overall operation of the menu on the touch screen technology.

Is the Canon Ixus 1100 HS is one of the Ixus family members who are still 'warm'. Using ametal material as forming the body, this camera is very slim, comfortable grip even without the grip, and certainly stylish.

There are only three buttons on the Ixus 1100 HS can be found at the top of the body,namely the shutter button as well as zoom, the On / Off and auto / manual shooting.

At the rear3.2 inch screen berbentang presented for ease of operation and satisfactionpreview objects before the user presses the shutter buttonAs for portsthere aremini-USB, and mini-HDMI port on the sideThen the battery and memory card is placed at the bottom.

In this camera, the Canon using touch screen technology for the operationWhen used to browse the menu system, this technology is going very well aka responsiveThere is no difficulty in jumping between modes.

Unfortunatelywhen used for more specific menu that appears when pressing the 'Func',here the difficulty arisesMany times this finger should press the desired function due toone dialIcons are small regulatory function and the distance of each othermaking the operation of the function is somewhat more troublesome.

Shooting options offered many fairly HS 1100Some of the more interesting is the SmartShutter where users can membidi objects without having to physically press the shutterbuttonYessnap action can be done simply by touching the screen of the camera.

But for the impatient, it's better to use physical buttonsThe existence of shutter lag makesthis feature has a drawback, of course, is very powerful when used to pinpoint the momentthat goes fast.

Then there's also a smile detection featureHe will automatically release the shutter whenthe object is located in front of the lens put a smileQuite interestingIn addition to these features, there are many other options, including Portrait, Kids & PetsHandheld Night Scene, Best Image Selection, High-Speed ​​BurstFireworks and Long Shutter.

Do not forget also the creative-shooting option where there is a Toy Camera, Color Accent,Miniature Effect, and othersOverall, all the features work well and produce a gorgeouscolor photos especially for Toy Cam.

Using 12.1 million pixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 processor, 1100 HSCanon promisingresults remain good in low-light shootingAnd this is quite evident. In low light conditions,the resulting image looks pretty clear.

So is the noise that is usually produced at high ISOFor these devicesthe resulting noiseat ISO 1600 to the above is acceptable because it turned out he was not too distracting.

For continuous shootingin mode High-speed Burst, 1100 HS is capable of capturingobjects up to 7.8 fps in a resolution that was revealed at 3 MPor 3.3 fps at full resolution12.1 MPThis speed is suitable for photographing sporting events and not have to worry about losing the momentAs for video recordingfollow trendshe also provided full HD1080p video recording at 24 fps.

The length of the lens also becomes its superiorityFor HS 1100do not just look thinnessbodynya just because it turned out he was equipped with a 12x optical zoom lensFor thecategory of compact camera, the lens is quite longWith a view performance and otheraspects of the whole, we can conclude this camera one of the best in its class and certainlyworth to buy.

- Minimal noise at high ISO
- Availability of features 'Smart Shutter'
- Colors produced from Toy Camera feature not disappoint
- Stylish design

- Battery runs out quickly
- Shutter lag on 'Smart Shutter'
- Somewhat difficult in the operation of specific menu

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