New Intel chip takes fast jabs at iPhone, Galaxy Nexus News

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Liu Jun of Lenovo holding up the K800, Lenovo's first Intel-powered smartphone, at CES 2012.

New Intel chip takes fast jabs at iPhone, Galaxy NexusNew Intel chip takes fast jabs at iPhone, Galaxy Nexus - The "Medfield" Atom Z2460 chip for smartphones, announced at CES, handily beats some of the fastest phones on the market, review site Anandtech said in this post.
Is this fast enough to be smartphone-market disruptive? Will battery life measure up? Only Lenovo and Motorola know for sure (Anandtech thinks Medfield will be fine on battery life). One thing is for certain, though: neither of those companies are signing up for Medfield out of pity, as Anand Shimpi points out.
And--another shocker--the results that Anandtech cites are not that different from a bar-graph slide (below) that CEO Paul Otellini showed at a Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference back in November. (I should add that I had somebody whispering in my ear before CES to take those benchmarks seriously. Alas, I didn't.)
If the results hold up for the upcoming Lenovo K800 smartphone (and Motorola's unannounced phones), Intel-based phones should offer stalwarts like the iPhone 4S and Samsung's Galaxy Nexus some headline-grabbing competition.
"Although running what appears to be a stock Gingerbread browser, Intel's Medfield reference platform posts SunSpider performance better than any other smartphone we've tested--including the Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich," said Anandtech. And those results should be maintained for Atom on Ice Cream Sandwich.

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