Prada Phone 3.0: Performance Not Everything That Counts Style!

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After KE850 and KF900, LG Prada again collaborated with to create a fashion phone. The third series of cooperation between the two vendors was also shown to produce quite attractive gadgets.

Judging from its name, it is clear that mobile phones made ​​by LG Prada has a slightlydifferent market segment than any other Android gadgets, which is aiming for the socialite.What's more for those already familiar with the name Prada.

Therefore, I wonder if this phone is more priority to appearance rather than performance.Try and look at the body is slim, brilliant screen, but with specs below the average cell phone class.

The design results Prada

That saidalthough the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 made ​​entirelybut in design to interface this phone designed by Prada. What was she like?

First of all detikINET quite impressed with the body is thinonly 8.5 mmBut unfortunatelythe shape of the box, but probably would look better if the phone has no sharp angles.

When gripped, the Prada Phone 3.0 feels right at hand. The basic ingredients used and theedge of a sturdy black frame makes anyone confident when using it.

At the rear there is a very striking article Prada, highly varies inversely with the LG logo ismade ​​very low profile.

The basic ingredients of the back, which also serves as the battery cover is black plasticwith a coarse texture. Make it light and non-slip grip.

The top of these products look different from other Android phonesIn addition there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and power buttonthere's also a USB port that has a lidSimply slide thelever next to it to open.

Now, if the left side of this product is similar to most other Android phonesThere are only abutton to increase / decrease the volume. Quite interesting is not it?

But the allure of the design was not the worst when compared with the quality of the screen,very brightPrada Phone Nova Plus 3.0 using 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 800x480pixels with brightness levels up to 800nitFar brighter than the Super AMOLED screen.

Speaking of the screenthe product also has an interface specifically designed by Prada.The whole icons and widgets on the home screen is made with white with a black background. Seem strange when I first sawbut it turned out pretty cool too after using it a while.

But not all the widgets or icons made ​​like that, other applications such as congenitalAndroid Market, GmailNavigation and other similar phone, Google still uses the reference design.

Then for other interfaces such as the ContactsSettingsSMSor even still carrying luggagePhoto Gallery Android Ginger Bread.

Quality Camera

Apart from the design aspect, camera quality Prada Phone 3.0 is also worth a thumbs up.The results were quite bright with a little noise when used in the office thoughand when worn snapped out. Wuiihh .. the picture is very sharp.

Prada Phone 3.0 equipped with an 8MP camera on the back and 1.3 MP on the front.There are several features and effects that can be used when penguna want to take a picture, there's Face Detection White Balance and ISO levels can disuaikan.

As for the video, this phone is capable of recording up to 1920 X 1080 resolutionaka FullHDThe result is sharp when seen through the phone, but the quality decreases the time displayed on the LED screen measuring 23-inch full HD.

Performance that is not prominent

About the design and appearancethis phone is the championBut the matter ofperformance? When compared with phones worth USD 7 millions more could be said to beslightly behind.

Prada Phone 3.0 uses a dual core 1GHz processor with 1GB of dual channel memory. Notthe most sophisticated indeed, but enough to devour a variety of media content.

+ Attractive design
+ Brilliant display
+ Performance is quite


- Most expensive in its class
- Bodi predominantly plastic

Prada Phone Specification 3.0

Operating systemAndroid Gingerbread
ProcessorDual-core 1 GHz
Memory1 GB of Dual channel RAM / ROM 8 GB
Camera8 MPAutofocusLED Flash
Battery1540 mAh

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