RPG (Role Playing Game) Latest in the Year 2012

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RPG (Role Playing Game) Latest in the Year 2012. For you lovers of the game, maybe you too are looking for any game you want to make the event this experiment in 2012. Here adaaja2012.blogspot.com share some RPG (Role Playing Game) New in 2012 that maybe you could try. But I do not give the download link you know. Sorry ya. Here I can share with you.

1. Dragon Age IIIPreviously there were only 16-month lag between the release of Dragon Age: Origins to the sequel. For Dragon Age III, is still not known when it will be released, but the game is expected to be released this year. If BioWare, the developers maintain the release schedule of the series is as tight as the previous release, gamers will be able to see this game as one of the biggest release of Electronic Arts, in the autumn to come.
2. Diablo IIIAfter a long circulating beta version, reportedly Blizzard, fantasy horror game developer, plans to launch it at the beginning of this year.
3. Atelier MeruruIf gamers like alchemy, is also keen to engage in combat simple as a pretty woman animation, it's no better way to start your year, but with this game. Reportedly, the game Atelier Meruru will glide across the United States and Europe in the spring of this year.
4. Dragon Quest XReportedly, Dragon Quest X is built with the principle, adding multiplayer system into a long series that has been popular in the Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS. This game will not seem to glide across the United States, this year. But at least this 2012, the game plan would slide in Japan.
5. Darksiders IIAlthough the original game focused on combat and puzzles inspired by Zelda, this second sequel tends to accentuate the RPG elements. His new protagonist, Death, will become stronger through a variety of items collected and upgrade status, along with the development of the story. The game is rumored to be present at the upcoming June.

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