Wow..!! 100 Thousand Trojan will Assault Android in 2012

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100 Thousand Trojan will Assault Android in 2012 - Security firm Trend Micro said the mobile realm will be the focus of security in 2012. Where Android predicted would become the main target of the attack of malicious programs more than 100 thousand trojan.

Raimund Genes, Trend Micro's Chief Technology Officer stated that the year 2011 as 'Year of Breaches'​​, with a large variety of data breaches in the government sector, commercial and industrial technology.

But in 2012, the threat began to shift toward mobile platforms, especially Android. Google's operating system that has been incised fairly rapid growth during 2011. With a market share rose from 25% in 2010 to 56% today.

With a growth rate of the examples of new malware today, Genes predict will see more than 100 thousand malicious trojan that appears on Android until December 2012 when the growth rate kept going.

Another concern is the proliferation of APT or advanced persistent threats, Genes predicted to be more focused and will increasingly threaten SMEs.

"Where SMEs typically have a higher risk to the security of intellectual property," added Genes, in his statement

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