CES 2012 Tablet Gaming Arresting Attention

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CES 2012 Tablet Gaming Arresting Attention - Most tablets are only designed for the needs of multimedia or office workers, but nowappears a tablet PC that is used for jamming fun game. 
Although still in prototype form, but the tablets made by Razer's invite the attention of visitors to the exhibition CES 2012 in Las Vegas, United States.

The first interesting point is of the form. Unlike other tablets, the product is equipped with a special controller that looks similar to Sony's PlayStation Move.

Then the most special is in terms of innards. Although not mentioned in detail, but the tabletunder the code name Project Fiona is claimed to be able to deliver quality PC graphicsequivalent.

To prove it, visitors can test the CES 2012 this tablet by playing the game Space Marine.

Initially this product was able to play a Space Marine with high detail without any problems,but some time later found the frame rate starts to decline accompanied by a cooling fan noise grew louder.

Even though the problem is still understandable, considering the product is still in itsdevelopment that still continues to be refined. Unfortunately, we have no further informationabout this tablet. Whether it's the specifications, schedule availability, or price range.

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